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Where the culture gastronomica and taken care of the search of the raw materials is of the good wine is high. The extreme north of the Ciociaria, where is situated the farm holidays the Fattora does not betray this value. The earth of the Cesanese is represented from a vitigno native, difficult but able to offer only organolettiche qualities in its kind. Therefore beside obtained sturdy wines from the vinificazione of the Cesanese we find the oil extravergine , dealt from the cultivations of the Rosciola, one noble quality of olive from spremitura. In this rich zone of the high Ciociaria we can savour the Roman Pecorino, latte cheeses from ovine and pecorino. For the lovers of the wine white man we do not forget the gradevole Passerina about the Frusinate . Most fortunate beyond to the salami, sausages and cotechini, will have way to savour some salumi that they do not find correspondences in the rest of the region, like one piccante or speziata species of soppresseta profumatissima. We do not forget " violino of goat " one species of prosciutto from the wild sapore from the montana stagionatura. For the lovers of the good table it is true and just a reign of bengodi, above all for the quality of the typical products. Between the typical plates we find: strozzapreti and fungi porcini, sagne and fagioli, fettuccine, cosciotto of kidskin to the rosmarino, pollo to the shooting jacket and between cakies we cannot nn taste the panpepato one, and the macaroons. Between fresh pastes not to lose we will find the stains, fettuccine the little widest ones, amassed and spread by hand flavored with gravies consumes you of tomato and meats.



Ciociaria is one the richest region of city d?arte and religious monumental complex antichi. The civilization of the Volsci and the Ernica confederation, along roman dell?impero period, the barbaric invasions, the medieval splendors of the papal State: in the city small around to the farm holidays the Fattora they are read more than 3000 years than history. The rests of wall ancient ciclopiche rise beside splendid Romanesque cathedral constructed on the pagani times and the acropoli. And? to Arpino that in the Amaltea Villa, nacque Guide. He is to Anagni, the city of the Papi, than the Palace Bonifacio VIII it was theatre of the famous one?schiaffo. the Castle of Fumone that accommodated l?antipapa Gregorio VIII and Celestino V that one of?gran the refusal. And then still Alatri and Ferentino, of ancient origins, the Veroli Roman who conserve the?fasti verulani, Aquino who was destroyed from the Longobardi. Every city is a opened museum, a travel in the history and the roots of our society.

The Abbazzie di Casamari and the Certose of Trisulti complete this travel in the time. Remembering us that the great religious centers of the past were first of all immense roccaforti cultural, from which with to the Catholicism they diffused the art, the words, the values of one new civilization.


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